Virtual classes

Don’t waste time commuting:
meet your teacher on-line
wherever and whenever you like,
individually or in a small group.

Convenient. Economical. Effective.

Virtual classes provide an alternative to on-site learning.
What type of customers is this solution most popular with?

Companies and institutions with a distributed structure that would prefer all their employees to learn within the same training group. What benefits do they get?

[nz_icon_list type=”square” icon_color=”#7c7c7c”]More flexible group creation both in terms of learning location, language proficiency level and specialisation.
Ability to arrange group classes instead of individual tutoring for employees based in different locations.
Lower costs of employee training.[/nz_icon_list]

Organisations which would like to organise off-site language classes for employees. This way, they:

[nz_icon_list type=”square” icon_color=”#039aa1″]don’t need to worry about booking training rooms for language classes;
allow their employees to select their preferred class times: in the morning, during their work hours, in the afternoon or even late in the evening;
make sure that their employees spend their workday productively.[/nz_icon_list]

People who would like to learn less popular languages. With virtual classes, they:

[nz_icon_list type=”square” icon_color=”#039aa1″]have access to professional teachers from around the world rather than one specific location;
don’t need to pay for the teacher’s transportation, which means lower costs of the course;
don’t need to wait until they find the right Polish or native speaker teacher.[/nz_icon_list]

People who value comfortable learning conditions and would like to pick their own spot and time for learning. What benefits do they get?

[nz_icon_list type=”square” icon_color=”#039aa1″]They learn regularly, without any breaks due to business trips etc.
They don’t lose time and patience waiting in traffic jams or commuting.
They attend classes which address their individual needs.[/nz_icon_list]

Our virtual class tool is easy to use and intuitive, and ensures that the virtual classes feel similar to the actual classroom experience.

How is this possible? >>

[nz_icon_list type=”square” icon_color=”#039aa1″]You work on all the language skills: listening,reading, speaking and writing.
You maintain constant eye contact with the others so the class is fully interactive.
With an interactive whiteboard, you can see the material presented by the teacher, complete tasks and read notes written by the teacher and other students.
You listen to audio recordings and watch videos.
You get exported notes from every class.
All the resources provided by the teacher are available at hand and can be stored on your computer.
If you can’t make it to a class, you can request the class to be recorded and play the recording later to practice on your own.
In short, you get a friendly and motivating learning environment.[/nz_icon_list]

All you need to attend our virtual classes is an internet-connected computer and headphones with a microphone.

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