Business English

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Thanks to business English classes, you will expand your industry vocabulary and you will have a chance to use the acquired knowledge in practice.

Number of lessons:

monthly course (4 lessons), half-year course (20 lessons), one-year course (40 lessons)

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Business English language courses are recommended to people who actively use English in their daily business tasks. We have prepared our offer especially for people related to: finance, marketing and trade, for those who conduct business negotiations with clients around the world and for everyone who uses English in everyday communication with colleagues in their work environment.

The course enables you to acquire practical knowledge of specialized vocabulary and it allows you to broaden your knowledge of useful grammatical structures, and it also focuses on developing all language skills.

With the help of a professional teacher specializing in business topics, you will focus on learning phrases and expressions necessary to conduct business meetings in English, you will learn how to actively participate in negotiations with a business partner, you will receive practical tips on preparing presentations in a foreign language, you will learn the secrets of writing reports correctly, but most of all you will expand the range of key vocabulary useful in everyday communication.


  • learning efficient and effective communication in English in a business environment based on authentic materials compatible with your industry,
  • expanding the range of specialist vocabulary used in a given work environment through self-study and practical exercises performed during classes under the supervision of a teacher,
  • learning basic grammatical structures that are key to effective communication in English, both in a business environment and in everyday situations.
  • practical exercises to improve all skills: listening comprehension, speaking in English using specialized vocabulary, reading work tests and expressing yourself in writing in the form of emails, articles and presentations.


Business English classes are conducted at various levels of language proficiency by Polish-speaking teachers or native speakers of English, and focus mainly on improving your communicativeness in English based on specific business topics and key grammar structures that are necessary to express yourself in writing and in speech – correctly and professionally.

Thanks to the business English classes, you will expand your industry vocabulary and you will have a chance to use the acquired knowledge in practice. By completing the Business English course, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice and you will be able to meet any challenges related to international business communication.

Business English lessons are a great opportunity to develop all the skills and language functions that are characteristic of various business situations. The competences acquired during business English lessons will be useful in typical professional situations and will make you competitive on the labor market.

Co-operating with our teacher, you will learn how to professionally conduct business talks and negotiations over the phone, you will find practical tips on writing business-related emails, you will learn how to efficiently organize meetings abroad and actively participate in industry conferences.

Online classes are conducted by our teachers on the following platforms : ClickMeeting, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, thanks to which the access to lessons is easy and does not require installing additional applications.

If practice is more important to you than theory, you prefer to learn from real materials used in your everyday work, and the main goal of learning is to improve all your language skills, then this Business English course is perfect for you!

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