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Company courses

We select and implement solutions that fit your company’s needs and challenges.

Audits and exams

Discover our effective solutions that help you to successfully manage your employees’ language talents and skills.

Individual courses

Enhance your language skills, and learn how to communicate freely on both the personal and professional levels.

Skrivanek Language School


Learning and improving your language skills may lead to many opportunities in an international business environment, including for day-to-day communication. Employers are increasingly expecting a good command of English as part of the basic skillset from prospective employees, while professionals and consultants speaking at least two foreign languages are highly valued. Speaking a foreign language means understanding its grammar and vocabulary, while practical communication requires more than a document confirming the level of foreign language competence, and both need constant improvement.

The key to success is communication!


Communicating successfully in a foreign language depends on your ability to understand, express and interpret ideas, thoughts, emotions, facts and opinions, in written and oral forms. True fluency also involves being able to accurately recognise the social and cultural context in everyday situations, whether at school or at work. Understanding the social conventions and cultural aspects of the country or nation whose language you speak can be critical.

Being able to communicate in a foreign language includes:

  • understanding spoken communication
  • initiating, maintaining and ending a conversation
  • reading, understanding and writing texts suitable for the recipient.

Language courses and training for businesses


Our language courses are designed for businesses with a global reach, where accurate communication plays an important role.

Anyone working in an international business environment may have to use a foreign language every day to communicate with colleagues, partners and customers, whether for business meetings, phone calls or exchanging e-mails.

We adjust our courses in English, German or any other foreign language to the individual needs of the participants.

Support for HR


HR professionals often work in an international environment, and are responsible for choosing language courses that best suit the needs of their company’s employees.

We provide:

  • Assistance by a dedicated project coordinator responsible for selecting the teaching staff, monitoring the course and optimising its costs;
  • Advice from a methodology consultant responsible for adjusting the curricula and handling all aspects related to the course content;
  • Experienced teaching staff who, in addition to giving classes, work with the project coordinator concerning the course of the training.

Solutions tailored to individual business needs


Businesses increasingly need to ensure effective communication with foreign customers, forcing multinationals to raise the language skills of their employees.

Every industry has its own terminology, requiring employees to master specific business vocabulary to be efficient communicators.

For maximum effect, our language training for business focuses on the specific needs of a group of employees.

Need individual training?


Our team of over 100 foreign language teachers and auditors offer professional help to each participant in mastering the necessary vocabulary and grammar in a way that suits their individual preferences.

Individual foreign language courses are available in Warsaw and in every other city in Poland. For those living busy and eventful lives, we offer online courses in a form chosen individually by the participant:

  • semester courses
  • high-intensity courses
  • courses with an individually agreed number of hours.

We train over 3,000 people every year, focusing on developing core communication competencies they can successfully use in their professional environments. The acquired skills allow them to become more proficient in any situation:

  • business and private meetings
  • conference calls
  • presentations
  • business negotiations
  • e-mail exchanges
  • human resource management.

Communicating in a foreign language, especially in formal and work-related situations, can be challenging because your skills need to be flexible enough to cope with any context or circumstance. Trying to convey something in an understandable but poorly formulated way may not achieve the expected result, and could lead to a failure in communication.

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If you are looking for a language course that meets the specific needs of your business or employees, we are happy to be of assistance. Our main goal is to help students implement their newly acquired skills in the most effective way, which is why our course rely on professional teaching staff.

Communicate efficiently, develop your skills, get promoted, strengthen relations and build trust among your international colleagues by learning a foreign language with Skrivanek Language School!

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