The Skrivanek Language School Team

We actively seek people who are enthusiastic about co-creating
the language market in Poland.

We know well that communication means more than speaking
a foreign language, which is why we treat each project as a fresh challenge.

Alongside our teachers we also have a group of other specialists to provide support
at every stage of your project, ensuring that it meets your needs.


All contacts with our clients are very important, whether individuals or corporations. We assign you a key account manager, who you can consult regarding the choice of course and who will present any other additional services available within the package that may enhance the project. Your key account manager has extensive knowledge of the training market, which is an additional asset in the selection of an individual client-oriented solution.


Each project is also assigned a coordinator, who manages it on a daily basis, introducing improvements in terms of optimised costs and processes, and coordinating with the methodologist to ensure the best content-related quality.  The project coordinator, together with the client, determines all the required project assumptions, ensures the selection of appropriate staff and finally presents the results of the training. The project coordinator also monitors the quality of the training on an on-going basis.


The methodologist is responsible for all access to materials for teachers, students and everyone within Skrivanek Language School who is interested in developing their language skills. The methodologist advises the coordinators on the process of selecting the teaching staff with whom they work on a daily basis. They are also responsible for building relations with subcontractors and implementing improvements in the everyday running of the school.

Do you want to see how we work in practice? See our client’s best practises.

So why us?

We are effective.

Our team monitors the progress of the project for you and your company. We assign a client consultant and a methodological coordinator to keep the project on track and you regularly updated. The teachers, supervised by the methodologist, prepare a lesson programme for each group and select appropriate materials for the course. Such an individual approach guarantees the high effectiveness of the training and the achievement of all the planned objectives in the specified period of time.

We are experienced.

Our teachers have the required knowledge and extensive experience in teaching adults. Many of our teachers have additional skills and qualifications, allowing them to work as examiners or to utilise their post-graduate studies in conducting lessons within a certain domain, for example. Many of our teachers are also specialists in a number of domains. All recruitment and work processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001. Together this ensures our teachers maintain a professional approach while also enjoying their teaching.

We are innovative.

We continue to develop so that we remain up to date with the latest trends in teaching foreign languages. What we value in our teachers is a passion for technological developments and a willingness to implement progressive solutions in education. Our teachers take care of their students both during traditional courses and virtually — by monitoring their progress as online tutors on our e-learning platforms.