FOCUS Audit tool

An innovative and proprietary tool,
created to improve recruitment processes and language competence assessments.

With FOCUS you can quickly and effectively evaluate your employees or job candidates.
With FOCUS, you can conduct:
  • Recruitment audit
  • Placement audit
  • Language telephone screening
  • Language competence audit
With us you gain:
  • time and money savings,
  • professional tool for language skill verification,
  • access to tests on over 20 languages,
  • opportunity to adjust tests to one’s own needs,
  • results within a maximum of 48h from the test completion,
  • objective assessment compliant with the CEFR scale (A1-C1),
  • report including the auditor’s comment.

FOCUS is a tool created for companies that value reliable evaluations and time, their own and that of their employees.

First determine what you want to test. In terms of language audits you select the 6 language competencies which interest you, within the 21 languages currently available. If you need to test skills other than language – contact us and we can prepare an optimal solution.

With FOCUS everything takes place online – the candidate receives a link to the test, and can take it immediately. The test results take the form of a clear report, automatically made available to whoever commissions the test. Every client and project has a dedicated coordinator, who monitors the entire process, taking care of communication issues and the results. We cooperate with companies in Poland and elsewhere, and our language audit tool is in use in the Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Germany. We have many different projects running, ranging from 10 to 500 people.