Stationary courses

Do you want to communicate freely in an international environment?
Is a foreign language an indispensable tool at your work?
Do you want to speak to the client in their language?

Studying according to a schedule, during regular meetings with the instructor. All objectives (curriculum, materials, frequency of classes and the pace of studying) are adjusted in 100% to the participant’s expectations.

It is a good choice for people:

  • who focus best during individual classes with the instructor;
  • who value the individual selection of topics and work with their own materials;
  • which require focusing on its challenges and tasks.

Studying according to a schedule, during regular meetings with the instructor. All objectives (curriculum, materials, frequency of classes and the pace of studying) result from the employer’s purpose. However, at the same time we try to respond on an ongoing basis to individual needs of the participants.

It is a good choice for people:

  • who value the possibility of interaction and cooperation with other participants;
  • who feel motivated by regular meetings in the group;
  • who like to learn by listening to others.

Practical training and development of specific competences within a given position. Workshops are carried out at a specific time. The material and scope of topics are always selected according to the expectations of a given person or training group.

It is a good choice for people:

  • who want to develop or improve language skills necessary for effective communication in specific professional situations;
  • who want to broaden their vocabulary with specialist terminology;
  • who need quick effect within a specific deadline.

Classroom courses are always adjusted to the employer’s purpose and individual needs of employees. They are the best solution for everyone who needs to systematically improve their fluency in a given foreign language. We carry out classroom courses on the basis of EFFECTO — an original teaching method developed in the Skrivanek language school. Due to this method, we motivate participants and instructors and put emphasis on practical training during classes.

The main objective of classroom courses is to develop all language competence: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Each time, the team of our methodology specialists develops an individual teaching programme and selects teaching materials which will match the profile of classes and the language competence of a participant or group. Very often, despite the agreed topics, we carry out classes on the basis of real materials that pose a challenge for our clients in their daily work. We use various contents and tools to personalise solutions even in the case of group classes. Within classroom courses, we carry out general (everyday), business or specialist language training. In the case of a specialist language, the training may concern language used in a given field or sector.

This is the most effective method of language competence development.

  • individually or in a group;
  • regular teaching mode or form of language workshops;
  • issues from general, business or specialist language;
  • all language skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening;
  • Polish foreign language instructors or native speakers;
  • at the employer’s office or at any place indicated by participants;
  • all European languages and, at the client’s request, selected non-European languages.

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for you and your employees, call or contact us!