Language audit

Recruitment process support.
Objective assessment of your employees’ language proficiency.
Control over the language learning progress.

Check out solutions that will allow you to manage the language
proficiency of your employees efficiently.

Recruitment audit
Reliable and objective assessment of the language proficiency of candidates
applying for a job at your company.

Placement audit
Determines the language level
of your employees to create training groups
before starting a language course.

Over-the-phone language screening
Quickly verifies the ability to communicate in a foreign language; usually used for testing job candidates.

International language proficiency exam
We are an accredited ETS and TELC examination centre.

Language audit is a perfect tool for quick and effective language assessment. It differs from traditional language test – it can test variety of your language competences, such as: grammar, lexis, reading, writing, listening or speaking in different combinations. Additionally, you can also test language skills needed in particular industry.

Every language audit can be adjusted to your needs, for example you can create your own version, using only parts that you want to test.  We can also create language audit dedicated to particular position, based on role scripts or working environment of tested person. Audit can be also used in order to test particular language competences needed for the position (business correspondence, negotiations, client service in foreign language) but also language specialized in particular field (law, economics, telecommunication, marketing and so on).

For someone who recruits language audit is very practical and time-saving solution. There’s no need to organize meeting and fit schedules – the whole audit is done online. Results are prepared in a form of coherent report, which includes auditors comment and further learning recommendation.

Language audits are:
  • Support in recruitment process – you will receive the result 48h after test completion
  • Language competences assessment done accordingly to CEFR scale
  • Audit and report layout can be tailor-made and suit your project
  • Reliable assessment of the increase of language competence
  • In-company and online audits
In our offer you can find:
  • Recruitment audit
  • Placement audit
  • Telephone or via Skype screening
  • International language exam
Check our language school solutions in effective
and proficient language assessment.
What is FOCUS? It’s language audit tool created by Skrivanek language school in order to test language proficiency online, in the most effective way. It supports Polish and international companies in recruitment process and regular language proficiency testing of employees.

Audits can be carried out online or at the customer’s location.

All audit results are prepared based on the Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEF) developed by the Council of Europe.

Reports include test scores and language proficiency levels, as well as a description of language skills and recommendations for further learning of the foreign language.

Besides assessing general language proficiency, at your request we can also verify the key language competencies necessary for a specific work environment (handling business correspondence, trade negotiations, customer service) and specialist language proficiency (law, economy, telecommunications, marketing, etc.).


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