Polish language course

Are you in Poland for personal or official reasons?
Do you want to learn more about the language and culture?
Join one of our Polish Language courses, so you can communicate more effectively with your Polish friends and co-workers!

A Polish language course where you can study wherever you want — at home, at work, or even in a café. Our teachers supply you with materials, and ensure you remain in touch with the language.

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Take advantage of our experience and knowledge, wherever you go. Polish language course is ideal for those who value modern, mobile, and flexible language solutions, all within a perfectly tailored schedule.

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Our Polish language course is not restricted to the classroom, it can also include activities like sightseeing tours, museum visits, and restaurant lunches. We organize workshops for business and other purposes, where everyone can find something to pique their interest.

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Our Polish language course take an individual approach, and is designed to be interesting and effective at every language level. Discover more about Polish culture and customs while learning to speak the language!

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Polish language course with Skrivanek includes:
  • Courses for managers and individuals
  • An individualised approach
  • Access to a wide range of materials, both online and in more traditional formats
  • Professional, outcome-oriented staff
  • An official exam preparation course
Skrivanek offers the following Polish language solutions:
  • Face-to-face Polish
  • Online Polish
  • Group Polish
  • Individual Polish

Our Polish language course is always tailored to meet your needs. You can mix and match the formats to best suit your needs, availability and abilities.

Making our courses interesting is a priority. We use proven and effective teaching methods based on conveying Polish culture and traditions, and the schedule and curriculum are always tailored to your needs. We teach the basics for the beginner, and then work on fluency for the more advanced, expanding vocabulary and improving pronunciation. Our professional teachers are there to ensure your experience with learning Polish is stress-free.

Aside from the language, our lessons also include elements of Polish culture and traditions, allowing you to learn more about the country and its people.

Starting with the first lesson, we assist you in breaking through your language and cultural barriers. Our teachers carefully tailor the content of the lessons to suit your language level, making the experience easy and stress-free. If you still think Polish is difficult to learn, we will be happy to change your mind! See how quickly you master the language with our Polish Language courses.

The official Polish language exam for foreigners

We can also prepare you to take the official Polish exam, which is a mandatory requirement in acquiring Polish citizenship.

The exam is intended to certify that your written and spoken Polish language skills meet at least the B1 level. Our Polish Language courses prepare you to pass the exam, so you get your citizenship.