E-learning courses

Do you want to have an influence on where and how you learn a language?
Do you care about a constant touch with the language?
Do you like innovative solutions?

A solution for those who value independence and flexibility in learning foreign languages. Skrivanek Language School uses the Rosetta Stone Advantage platform for its e-language courses. Rosetta Stone Advantage means choosing how and when you want to study! The advanced technology allows you to learn using all the communication and rich resources available on the platform, enabling you to gain essential knowledge.

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E-learning courses on the Rosetta Stone Advantage platform are an ideal solution to match the individual needs and levels of language proficiency of each learner. The platform is excellent for those learners who want to develop language competencies, but also for those who wish to maintain their contact with a language. The goal of e-learning courses is to fully develop all language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension. The Rosetta Stone Advantage platform is the most professional and highly comprehensive solution available on the Polish market. The learning process begins with a language proficiency test. Based on the results, the program is matched to meet the individual learning path. The learner focuses on more than those matters related to every-day life. Rosetta Stone Advantage primarily gives the opportunity for studying business language as used in specific industries. Learners using Rosetta Stone Advantage are able to select their preferences in terms of form, aim and essential assumptions. Choose from the three learning options: blended-learning, e-coaching and self-study.

  • languages to choose from: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin-Chinese,
  • three forms of studying to choose from: blended-learning, e-coaching and self-study,
  • unlimited, 24/7 access to the program content, from levels C1 to A1,
  • the development of general, business and specialist vocabulary,
  • a simple and intuitive user interface in the selected language,
  • a variety of exercises developing all language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening,
  • over 1500 hours of materials and exercises at every level,
  • regular progress reports for the participants, company coordinators and tutor (the teacher monitoring progress on the platform),
  • placement, quarterly, semi-annual, and final tests,
  • access to the program on mobile devices,
  • pronunciation practice through a speech recognition system (analysing mistakes and self-correcting of utterances),
  • the possibility to conduct virtual dialogues and dubbing of films,
  • access to dictionaries, grammar and phonetic explanations, cultural texts, dialogues and other additional materials
  • designed to support the language learning process,
  • adjusting the training program to the individual needs of the participants,
  • the possibility of revising exercises or moving to the next tasks,
  • the possibility of exporting audio files.