At the end of the day

Word in British English, expression: at the end of the day

The ability to make decisions is an extremely important skill that shapes our lives. Being assertive while valuing the opinions of others is something we should be proud of. However, expressing that respect while standing your ground is challenging to achieve.

Word has great power, so we want to present you with a handy expression for executing this effect: ‘at the end of the day’. This article will explain how to apply this expression, and what exactly it means (according to various dictionaries). We will provide examples of its use as well as synonyms and explain its origins.

The meaning of ‘at the end of the day’

The expression ‘at the end of the day’ has already been partially introduced in the foreword. It means that we want to express the most crucial conclusion that we have drawn after taking into account and presenting all the relevant facts, including the opinions of others if applicable.

The origins of the words: ‘at the end of the day’

The expression ‘at the end of the day’ is widely known by native speakers of the English language and is considered by them to be even “cliché”. This shows how much they actually use it, and it is indeed a considerable amount.

The use of these words goes back as far as the 19th century, with more frequent use in the 20th. We can find examples of this phrase in the works of authors such as H.R.F. Keating [God and the Future (1974)]. The earliest known use of the words comes from the autobiographical work of Thomas Henry Huxley, with which he summarized the whole work of his life.

But despite the many known examples that contain these words, their origin remains undetermined due to the enormity of their use in many areas over a vast period.

Word in British English, expression: at the end of the day
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‘At the end of the day’ according to dictionaries

Many dictionaries have their own explanations of the words: “at the end of the day”. This includes the Cambridge Dictionary, which gives the following definition:

  • “Something that you say before you give the most important fact of a situation”.

Other definitions are given by Collins Online Dictionary:

  • “You say at the end of the day when you are talking about what happens after a long series of events or what appears to be the case after you have considered the relevant facts”.
  • In British English: “in the final reckoning”

Another explanation of these words is provided by the Macmillan Dictionary:

  • “used for saying what you consider is the most important thing about a situation after thinking about it”

Synonyms of ‘at the end of the day’

The most popular dictionary of synonyms – Thesaurus – gives us the following options for replacing the words ‘at the end of the day’:

  • eventually
  • finally
  • in the course of time
  • when all is said and done
  • in the long run

Examples of use of ‘at the end of the day’

  • I can advise you on the purchase of a new computer, but at the end of the day it’s your decision.
  • Despite being efficient in his business, at the end of a day his results do not justify his behaviour.
  • I know you wanted the best, but at the end of the day, this situation will end up in having a word with your boss.
  • Expanding your vocabulary using a dictionary is a good method, but at the end of a day you also need to practise the language in normal everyday conversations with others to be proficient.
  • This was harder financially to do, but at the end of the day, buying my own house was the best step towards independent stability.

At the end of a day, it’s good to learn languages

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