English for accountants

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Classes focus on expanding specialist vocabulary in the field of accounting and finance, improving communication in the work environment and developing language competences necessary for effective functioning on the accounting services market.

Number of lessons:

monthly course (4 lessons), half-year course (20 lessons), one-year course (40 lessons)

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If you want to expand your specialist vocabulary in the field of accounting, finance, taxes or payroll, and would like to use your lexical-grammatical knowledge correctly in the work environment, our course English for Accountants is an excellent option for you. During the course you will learn not only what English terminology you need on a daily basis, but also you will gain practical skills enabling you to communicate effectively in speech and writing in a correct way.


If you want your employees to constantly expand their specialist vocabulary in the field of accounting, finance, taxes or payroll, and you want them to use their lexical-grammatical knowledge in their work environment, then our course English for Accountants will interest you. During the course, participants will learn the terminology needed on a daily basis, as well as the practical skills that enable effective oral and written communication.

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The course focuses both on language competences in the area of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as offers a key range of grammar that will allow you to communicate effectively in typical situations occurring in the work environment of an accountant.


The objectives of the English for Accountants course are:

– efficient communication in speech and writing in the work environment

– specialized vocabulary in the field of comprehensive accounting services for individuals and companies

– topics fully adapted to the needs of employees of accounting and financial departments (Participants will learn about thematically segregated issues related to finance, settlements, contracts, legal issues, etc.)

– grammar that enables correct and effective functioning in typical situations and in communication with clients

After our course, you will have no problem, for example, answering a question asked in English regarding the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC or the validity of a given regulation of the European Parliament. With the help of a teacher (who, depending on your needs, will explain issues in Polish or English), you will master the English language at a level enabling effective communication in the work of an accountant.

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Nowadays, the knowledge of the English language is a necessary skill in most professions – accounting is no exception. Learning the accounting vocabulary may be useful both for accountants working in large, international corporations, as well as for those working in small local enterprises.

Online classes are conducted by our teachers on the following platforms: ClickMeeting, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, thanks to which the access to lessons is easy and does not require installing additional applications.

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