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Learning English online is the perfect solution for everyone! We guarantee the highest quality of the courses. Please select a teacher and the number of lessons of the individual English language course.


Polish teacher, Native speaker

Number of lessons:

1 lesson 60min, monthly course (4 lessons), half-year course (20 lessons), one-year course (40 lessons)

Learning English from home? Why not? Save time and money choosing English learning online in Skrivanek language School. Check our offer!

Learning English online is a solution that is steadily gaining in popularity. Undoubtedly, the advantages of this method are: effectiveness, convenience and safety.

If you are concerned about the technical issues, please rest assured: you don’t need to be an IT specialist to enroll in an online English course. To start remote learning, all you need to do is have a permanent Internet connection and a small dose of motivation.

Online classes are conducted by our teachers on the following platforms: ClickMeeting, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, thanks to which the access to lessons is easy and does not require installing additional applications.

Advantages of individual online English learning:

  • individual support in learning a foreign language
  • the convenience of deciding when and where classes are held
  • tailor-made type courses, language learning fully tailored to your needs
  • the possibility of a flexible change of the study plan – the teacher can help you meet your current challenges (e.g. the preparation of a presentation in a foreign language, giving a speech in a foreign language, etc.)

Dates of classes: the schedule of meetings is agreed on with the student individually, before the start of classes.

Number of meetings: choose one of the packages and decide for yourself how much time you will spend on learning.

Teachers: classes are conducted by Polish teachers as well as by native speakers.

Course program: define your goal and our methodologist will adjust the course material to your needs.

It is possible to learn in pairs (the price of the course remains unchanged).

20 years of experience in teaching adults

120 qualified teachers cooperating with us on a daily basis

24/7 access to materials in our virtual secretary

A large group of satisfied customers with our language courses

Online English language course in Skrivanek!

Is English essential in your work? Do you want to start learning English? Or maybe you are getting ready for an exam in English? We will help you achieve your goals related to English learning. We offer online English courses on various levels of proficiency. Our online course is aimed at beginners as well as those who require online English with an advanced curriculum. It is up to you what materials will be used in class, so you can learn at your own pace.

Online English lessons at every level are conducted by professional lectors. It is you who decides whether you choose a teacher who speaks Polish or one of our native speakers (if you care more about conversations and improving your pronunciation, choose a native speaker. If you want to focus on learning grammar and speaking basics, and conversations are secondary, then choose a Polish teacher who, if necessary, will answer questions in your native language).

Online English in Skrivanek means quick progress, pleasant and effective learning. You can learn from anywhere, all you need is the Internet. You can communicate with the teacher using a computer or a telephone. Online school is a convenient form of learning English language that will meet your expectations. See for yourself today!

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Learning with our EFFECTO METHOD

Join the group of our students and develop your language skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. At Skrivanek language School we use the EFFECTO method, which, as the name suggests, is effective and makes teaching interesting. EFFECTO combines five basic elements: activity, inspiration, fun, individual approach and a guarantee of effectiveness, which enable participants to achieve the intended results and improve their language skills. We encourage you to participate in our courses. Online English in Skrivanek is the perfect way to raise your qualifications and polish your language skills.

If you have any questions, write to us and start learning online!


English belongs to Germanic languages. It is now the most popular language in the world, the contemporary lingua franca. It is, among others, used in commerce and business (business English), among others. It is an international language of art and exchange of ideas, which is why English courses are now very popular.

English is the mother tongue of over 330 million people. As a second language or a foreign language, it is spoken by over 1.5 billion people who have completed English courses. It is an official language in 54 countries. In terms of the number of native speakers, it ranks third in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. The current development of information technology has made the possibility of learning English online available on a larger scale. Another business language learning option for companies is English Conversation Courses.