Skrivanek Language School Rules


Skrivanek aims to provide customers with quality language services to support their development and enable them to communicate easily around the world. For this reason:

Skrivanek Language School shall:

  1. arrange and deliver language courses, ensuring high quality and the right content coverage;
  2. provide qualified teachers with the necessary methodological training to conduct language classes. However, the School may change the teacher of any group mid-course due to technical and organisational considerations or other reasons beyond the School’s control;
  3. exercise methodological control of the teachers’ work;
  4. provide a replacement teacher if the group’s teacher is absent or, if this should not be possible, notify the Student of cancelling the class. All cancelled classes will be made up at a later date arranged with the group;
  5. provide the necessary training infrastructure;
  6. provide training resources for the Student and/or offer the purchase of a course book specified by the School;
  7. maintain paper attendance lists. To confirm their attendance, the Student must sign the attendance list under the date of the class;
  8. ensure efficient and professional delivery of the course;
  9. monitor the Student’s progress in language learning by conducting progress tests or periodic tests;
  10. issue a course completion certificate. If the Student fails to meet the 70% attendance requirement or pass the final test, a course attendance certificate will be issued instead.

The Student is entitled to:

  1. a free language proficiency placement test;
  2. attend a course matching their proficiency level according to the class schedule, except on off-work days and public holidays;
  3. attend a course delivered by a qualified teacher and under the guidance of the school’s methodology expert;
  4. free consultations with the methodology expert during the school office hours;
  5. free additional resources used by the teacher during the course;
  6. access a virtual school office using the personal code and password provided by the School;
  7. access the resources used during the Student’s absence and, if the absence was notified in advance, receive teacher’s support with making up for the missed classes;
  8. receive a certificate of attending the course specifying the course level, or a course completion certificate;
  9. verify their learning progress by completing tests;
  10. submit their feedback about the course by completing an anonymous customer satisfaction survey online.
  11. learn in groups of 4 to 8 people or individually.

The Student shall:

  1. regularly and punctually attend, prepare for and actively participate in classes;
  2. learn according to the learning programme;
  3. make up for any missed classes on their own or with the teacher’s assistance. In the event of absence the Student may, subject to a separate contract, purchase extra one-to-one classes with a teacher according to the school’s price list;
  4. observe the rules of the building where the classes take place (such as smoking bans, etc.);
  5. take care of the School’s property (any damage to equipment shall be covered by the Student);

pay course fees in the amount and by the dates specified in the Payment Schedule