Langville, Montana

Vanished town in Montana

History is full of unexplainable occurrences. One such is the mysterious case of the tiny town in the state of Montana – Langville.

A real town that disappeared, a local legend or a carefully crafted hoax? How is it possible for the whole town to seemingly vanish? Join us to learn the Langville legend.

The mysterious ghost town of Langville, Montana

There are quite a few ghost towns in the state of Montana, but nothing like Langville. The bizarre local urban legend speaks of a town that disappeared overnight.

You may not have heard about it, but it’s a part of Montana’s whispered folklore.

The legend has it that Langville, Montana was a real place somewhere on the eastern plains of the state. However, unlike most ghost towns, not only Langville’s residents supposedly disappeared, but the entire town mysteriously vanished.

As it is told to happen in the early 2000s, the town supposedly even showed up on Google Maps along with the town’s street views. Still, no one was able to find it in person. To add confusion to the matter, there are over 7 million online searches for the town on the record.

Langville – Montana, ghost town
Langville, Montana is an urban legend town
Vanished town in Montana

The rumours online go even further and speculate that the mysterious force turned it inside out.

Langville, Montana has been referenced by the 2016 Ghostbusters film, which rekindled the internet’s interest in this urban legend town.

Was Langville, Montana even a real place?

There is little to no evidence that the town has ever existed. Only mysterious story and online discussions.

Most of the ghost towns are real historic places. Their residents usually leave some remnants behind it. Old barns, homes, or main street businesses deteriorate over time after they have been abandoned. Those signs can be found long after.

Langville, Montana incident is different, as there does not seem to be any physical evidence proving its existence. Some might say that it is all a cover-up and that all the evidence got purposefully wiped from the internet.

Has Langville, Montana disappeared for real?

You can Google search all you want, but you won’t find any photos of Langville, Montana. The history books also never mention it. But, according to the legend, it wasn’t a big town to begin with.

And yet there are locals in Montana who claim to have visited that town and swear that it was a real place.

Then there are also reports that the town used to show up in Google search autocomplete suggestions, but it might as well be the effect of people getting hooked on the story and pushing the popularity of this query. Auto-suggest searches included titles like “Langville, Montana incident”, “Langville, Montana Disappeared”, and, the most puzzling, “Langville, Montana Turned Inside Out”.

The most dedicated followers of this mysterious story even conducted a field investigation, but had to leave empty-handed, having found nothing.

Ghost towns often share the same fate
Historic places of the Treasure State
The urban legend of the mysterious town.

Langville, Montana in Ghostbusters film

In 2016 the Ghostbusters franchise was rebooted with a new film. Due to the spooky nature of the picture, the reference to the Langville, Montana legend seems like a well-placed nod to the fans. It also has brought the story to a wider audience and given it new life. At the very least, it was clever marketing.

Langville is mentioned when the Ghostbusters Team is in the mayor’s office, discussing the need to keep their actions low profile. Then Agent Rourke follows up with the words: “A police officer in New Mexico reports a UFO encounter; the crew of the SS Ourang Medan mysteriously dies the entire town of Langville, Montana goes missing.”

And there you have it! Some say that the whole Langville deal was a publicity stunt crafted for the film or tourism purposes, and wasn’t a thing before that. Then there are those locals who swear that the urban legend was around far longer than the film. Make what you want out of it…

Has the town disappeared
Langville legend in Ghostbuster
The vanished town in Montana

Langville, Montana – the vanished town

Yet another ghost town urban legend, or is there more to it? Most people might write it off as a case of internet theorists’ obsession. And yet there seems to be something very mysterious about this one. No physical traces and the suspicious Google results do sound curious.

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