Neck on the line

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Nobody wants to deal with unnecessary risk and put his neck on the line. But do you know what does this idiom mean? Don’t risk it and read our text. Or maybe you just would like to learn a little bit more about it? In any case, you are more than welcome to take a look at what we prepared.

We will cover the possible origin of this idiom, its meaning, and synonyms. Additionally, you will also find examples of sentences showcasing the proper use of this phrase.

Origin of the phrase ‘neck on the line’

The origins of the idiom are unclear. There are two main theories. The first one traces the phrase’s roots to the act of decapitation. In the past, people’s heads were cut off, with a guillotine or an axe, as a punishment for the heaviest crimes.

Others believe that it has more to do with the way in which chickens were killed. Their necks were being stuck out on a chopping block and the animals were beheaded. Suffice to say that both versions are quite gruesome.

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What does ‘neck on the line’ mean?

The meaning of this idiom is to express the risk and danger that one is being exposed to. When you put your neck on the line, you accept the risk that you are taking, and you are aware that there is a big chance that you won’t be successful.

The idiom is mostly used with ‘have’ or ‘put’. You can also say that “your neck is on the line”.

Synonyms for ‘neck on the line’

What words and phrases are synonymous with ‘put a neck on the line’? Here are some examples that can be used to replace it in a sentence:

  • risk
  • dare
  • jeopardize

There are also other idioms with similar meanings:

  • put your ass on the line
  • put head/neck on the chopping block
  • put life on the line
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How to use 'neck on the line

Examples of ‘neck on the line’ in a sentence

Before we finish, please take a look at these examples of sentences that include ‘neck on the line’. They will help you better understand when to use this phrase.

  • By investing in your business, I would be putting my head on the line, and that isn’t something I can allow.
  • If this job review won’t go well, my neck is on the line.
  • He put his neck on the line by sharing company information on Facebook.
  • Sometimes in search of new business opportunities, you need to put your neck on the line.
  • Just as the author intended, page after page, it was becoming more and more apparent that the hero’s neck was on the line.
  • Thieves made off with the whole “Line” jewellery collection, all the earrings and necklaces are gone. My neck is on the line for not locking down the store, and I’m probably going to get fired.
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Everything to know about

To sum up, the idioms ‘have a neck on the line’ and ‘put a neck on the line’ mean being in a risky situation or doing something that may be risky or dangerous.

Now, you should have all the information about this idiom to use it properly. Getting to know new words and idioms will help you broaden your vocabulary, make your speaking more varied and enrich your writing. Most certainly you will find it helpful.

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