English for seniors

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Każdy wiek jest odpowiedni do nauki języka, dlatego polecamy również Angielski dla seniorów, który umożliwi skuteczną komunikację w języku angielskim.

Number of lessons:

1 lesson 60min, monthly course (4 lessons), half-year course (20 lessons)

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It is never too late to learn a foreign language! You can also develop your English skills in retirement. However, it is important that the chosen course is adapted to elderly people – both in terms of technical issues (larger fonts, adapted recording pace) and the subject matter.

English for Seniors is a course for beginners who want to learn English from scratch in order to communicate effectively in the most typical and everyday situations. The course enables you to gain practical knowledge of the most commonly used phrases and expressions as well as grammatical structures that allow you to communicate effectively in various situations, e.g. in a shop, while traveling or in a restaurant.


The objectives of the English for Seniors course are:

– efficient use of the language in everyday life in most typical situations

– useful vocabulary related to general topics, useful phrases and practical examples of the use of expressions learned during the English language course

– the most important grammar issues; uncomplicated structures necessary to communicate in various circumstances

– learning to speak, listen, read and write simply, clearly and correctly.

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kursie zastosowano szczególne udogodnienia
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Classes focus mainly on learning lexical and grammatical basics which are necessary to understand other people and which are essential to express oneself in a simple and understandable way on topics known and close to seniors in everyday life.

The complete English language course gives you the opportunity to learn specific words (remembering words), necessary phrases and grammatical structures. It places special emphasis on speaking practice and they can learn the correct pronunciation. The pace of learning is fully adapted to individual needs of students, and multiple revisions make it easier to remember words and the most important information. An additional advantage of the classes is the possibility of making new friends; you can learn a language together with people of a similar age.

Language courses for the elderly contain varied exercises, which make it easier to remember words, and a slower pace of recordings, or adjusted checking exercises, make learning English much simpler.

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