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Learning Swedish online is an ideal solution for everyone! We guarantee the highest quality of courses. Please select a teacher and the number of lessons of the individual Swedish language course.


Lektor polski, Lektor natywny

Number of lessons:

jedna lekcja 60min, kurs miesięczny (4 lekcje), kurs półroczny (20 lekcji), kurs roczny (40 lekcji)

Learning Swedish online is an ideal solution for everyone! We guarantee the highest quality of courses at affordable prices. Get to know our offer!

Learning Swedish online is a solution that is steadily gaining in popularity. Undoubtedly, the advantages of this method are: effectiveness, convenience and safety.

If you are concerned about the technical issues, please rest assured: you don’t need to be an IT specialist to enroll in an online Swedish course. To start remote learning, all you need to do is have a permanent Internet connection and a little dose of motivation.

Online classes are conducted by our teachers on the following platforms: ClickMeeting, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Skype, thanks to which the access to lessons is easy and does not require installing additional applications. 

Advantages of individual language courses:

  • individual support in learning a foreign language
  • the convenience of deciding when and where classes are held
  • tailor-made type courses, language learning fully tailored to your needs
  • the possibility of a flexible change of the study plan – within the option of individual classes , the teacher can help you meet your current challenges related to Swedish (e.g. the preparation of a presentation in a foreign language, giving a speech in a foreign language, etc.)językiem szwedzkim (np. przygotowanie prezentacji w języku obcym, wystąpienie w języku obcym itd.)

Dates of classes: the schedule of meetings is agreed on with the student individually, before the start of classes.

Number of meetings: choose one of the packages and decide for yourself how much time you will spend on learning.

Teachers: classes are conducted by Polish teachers as well as by native speakers.

Course program: define your goal and our methodologist will adjust the course material to your needs.

It is possible to learn in pairs (the price of the course remains unchanged).

nauka języka szwedzkiego
kursy języka szwedzkiego
kursy szwedzkiego

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