Learning english – stationary

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English language learning stationary is the perfect solution for everyone! We guarantee the highest quality of courses. Please select a teacher and the number of lessons of the English language course.


Polish teacher, Native speaker

Number of lessons:

monthly course (4 lessons), half-year course (20 lessons), one-year course (40 lessons)

Learning English in the form of traditional meetings with a teacher throughout Poland. Professional language courses with access to you!

Stationary language courses focus on the development of all language competences: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension.

Individual classes: an ideal solution for people who concentrate best during individual work with a teacher and appreciate the possibility of individual selection of materials.

Advantages of individual language courses:

  • individual support in learning a foreign language
  • the convenience of deciding when and where classes are held
  • tailor-made type courses, language learning fully tailored to your needs
  • the possibility of a flexible change of the study plan – the teacher can help you meet your current challenges (e.g. the preparation of a presentation in a foreign language, giving a speech in a foreign language, etc.)

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Dates of classes: the schedule of meetings is agreed on with the student individually, before the start of classes.

Number of meetings: choose one of the packages and decide for yourself how much time you will spend on learning.

Teachers: classes are conducted by Polish teachers as well as by native speakers.

Course program: define your goal and our methodologist will adjust the course material to your needs.

It is possible to learn in pairs (the price of the course remains unchanged).

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20 years of experience in teaching adults

120 qualified teachers cooperating with us on a daily basis

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