A project for a change?

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The topic for today is “project management’’.

Task 1

Read the text below to get the general idea:

The concept of modern project management has originated from engineering and civil construction industries. It has been developed over the last 50 years and now it is widely used in most business organizations around the world. Senior or line managers run various projects simultaneously on a regular basis in addition to performing their regular day-to-day duties. Although projects are primarily meant to be temporary endeavors, undertaken to meet particular goals within precise timelines, an effective project management requires a great deal of careful preparations along with diligent planning.

In short, managing a project involves dealing with four critical constraints such as scope, time, quality and budget. The scope of the project needs to be clear and well defined. The time limits should be stated accurately, but be flexible enough to allow for any unforeseen changes. The quality must be assured and all necessary resources specified. The overall costs have to be estimated and funds ought to be allocated to the budget. Tasks must be delegated to individuals and responsibility has to be shared by team members. The principles and practices of the project must be in accordance with the strategic objectives of a company in order to enable smooth operation. The constant control of the entire process should be maintained permanently. Frequent adjustments to the baseline plan ought to be permitted and swift decisions have to be made to complete the project on time.

Therefore, a good project manager plays an invaluable role in bringing the work to an end. Only a well-qualified team leader with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, who is also good at multi-tasking, is able to meet such a challenge.

Task 2

Study the text carefully again and choose the correct words:

1. The idea of contemporary project management is very new/old.
2. At present, projects are hardly ever/frequently used by companies.
3. Projects are carried out by managers apart from/along with their daily tasks.
4. A successful project requires a lot of preliminary planning/thinking.
5. Managing a project is a challenging/straightforward task.
6. Carrying out a project needs a great deal of persistence/flexibility.
7. It is crucial to estimate/value anticipated costs accordingly.
8. Required funds need to be delegated/allocated for the project.
9. Project management is also about constant control/freedom.
10. An effective project manager must have great people/social skills.

Task 3

Watch the video What is project management and decide whether the sentences below are true (T) or false (F):

1. The management of ongoing tasks is similar to managing one-off tasks. ……..
2. Project management is about completing tasks on time and on budget. ……..
3. Stakeholders need to agree on the project details and deliverables. ……..
4. Planning constitutes about 50% of a successful project management. ……..
5. Proper planning prevents poor project performance. ……..
6. Before building teams it is vital to examine necessary MP tools. ……..
7. Every skill should be paired with a suitable person. ……..
8. Clear communication is critical for the project completion. ……..
9. Implementing a project is the easiest thing to do. ……..
10. What really matters in project management is quality. ……..


Task 2 

1. old
2. frequently
3. along with
4. planning
5. challenging
6. flexibility
7. estimate
8. allocated
9. control
10. people

Task 3

1. F
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T
6. F
7. T
8. T
9. F
10. T