Skrivanek Plus

Skrivanek Plus – Październikowy quiz

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Task 1.
Complete each gap with the correct form of the word from the box:

remuneration, grind to a halt, simultaneously, overstretched
1. Frank is an extremely well-organized young entrepreneur who can pursue his career and broaden his knowledge.
2. According to a survey, most hospitals provide poor healthcare and low standard treatment because they are in terms of their staff and finances.
3. Due to a serious mechanical failure last week, the entire production was
4. Apart from fixed top executives can count on extra benefits or non-wage bonuses like health insurance and dental care.
Task 2.
For each sentence 1-4 select one answer (a, b or c):
1. We will have to substitute our equipment with the new one. The old machinery seems …………….
2. The ……………. policy for executive and managing directors will have to undergo deep structural changes.
3. To avoid chaos at the police press conference, reporters were not allowed to speak ………………
4. When software fails, computers crash and the entire system ………..
Task 3.
Match words 1-4 with their synonyms a-e:
1. simultaneously -
2. grind to a halt -
3. remuneration -
4. overstretched -